Anya was born in Eastern Russia, and moved to Victoria when she was 16.  Anya has experience managing professional medical offices, and has more recently worked in local Victoria spas as a spa therapist/ aesthetician for which she has been formally trained.  Salt therapy is common in Russia, and therefore Anya is committed to introduce Victoria to it’s benefits which she has witnessed firsthand. 

"As a mother of 2 young children, I find myself becoming more aware what my family is putting in their body.  We grow our own vegetables in the summer, make our own organic cottage cheese and kaffir, and do our best to stay away from meats and dairy full of hormones.  I believe opening our salt room is another way to achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle in an all natural organic way." 


Deane has been fortunate to call Victoria home for the majority of his life.  He has worked in a management position in the customer service industry for the past 15 years, building relationships with the people who call Victoria home.  Deane is a dedicated family man who places a large emphasis on living a healthy active lifestyle.  

"As an allergy sufferer for as long as I can remember, each year I loathe the beginning of Spring.  I see my family doctor and make sure my allergy medications are all stocked up for the arrival of the pollen season.  Steroidal nasal pump, extra strength antihistamines which cause drowsiness, and eye drops are the tools I regularly get prescriptions for.  I plan on taking these on a daily basis from April to August, and find their results to be adequate at best.  To say I am eager to cut the dependancy on these prescription meds is an understatement.  I am excited to introduce allergy sufferers to another option to treat their symptoms.  I have personally experienced the benefit of salt therapy to treat my hay fever, and I am eager to share the success I have found."


Special thanks to our friend Kris Houweling for providing the amazing photos for this site.