Salt Therapy

Salt therapy, also referred to as halotherapyis a drug free, natural, non invasive way of treating a variety of respiratory ailments and skin conditions.  Allergies, hay fever, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, cystic fibrosis,  ear infections, sleep apnea, snoring, smokers cough, and even the common cold can all be treated with this all natural remedy.  Salt therapy can even be effective for people with acne, psoriasis, eczema, and skin disease.

Salt therapy is an exciting tool for athletes. It is a drug free way of increasing athletic performance.  The fine salt particles act as a lung cleanser, boosting lung function, capacity, and stamina.  Cleaner lungs mean more oxygen, resulting in improved performance.

Salt therapy in our controlled environment is also beneficial for people in good health, as it strengthens the immune system and is an excellent preventative for colds and flu. At the first signs of a cold, a 45 minute session can prove more effective than over the counter pharmaceuticals without the side effects.  Salt therapy can bring relief by opening nasal passages, killing harmful bacteria and viruses, facilitating the drainage of the sinuses and reducing stress.

We have hired a consulting company with over 25 years experience, assisting in the creation of 3500 salt rooms worldwide.  They represent the global leader in halotherapy based out of St. Petersburg Russia, and are widely recognized as the benchmark for what halotherapy is today.  Dr Alina V. Chervinskaya has dedicated the past 20 years to refining halotherapy and creating the HaloSpa halogenerator which we operate in our facility.

How Does It Work?

Salt therapy works by inhaling fine particles of pure pharmaceutical grade salt into the lungs.  A halogenerator is used to grind salt and expel dry salt aerosol into a treatment room.  We are proud to equip the HaloSpa 03 halogenerator, which is capable of regulating the concentration of salt and air flow during treatment.  We have a temperature and humidity controlled salt room, which enables us to create and maintain the ideal microclimate to get the most effective treatment during a session.  During treatment, microscopic salt molecules are inhaled into the lungs, the salt travels through the respiratory system killing bacteria, clearing mucous, reducing inflammation, and absorbing moisture. The molecules are also said to form ionic bonds with contaminants, which get transferred to phlegm and are then discharged from the body via coughing.

Although halotherapy is not known to have any adverse reactions with other drugs, please consult your physician before discontinuing any prescribed medication.

History Of Salt Therapy

The benefit of salt for respiratory health was first discovered in the 1800's in Poland.  Workers in underground salt mines were living healthier, longer lives and had considerably less breathing conditions after being exposed to the saturated salt air inside the mines.  Since then, salt has become a traditional form of treating many respiratory diseases and skin conditions in parts of Eastern Europe.  The use of salt for treatment has become so well recognized, that in many European countries it is subsidized by the government as part of its basic health care.

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